Gabrielle Dunbar

Hyperview, a datacentre infrastructure management (DCIM) software provider, is the latest addition to Champion Communications' roster of ambitious B2B brands using PR to achieve growth.  


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Vancouver, Hyperview empowers operations teams to optimise capacity of their data centre infrastructure, along with lowering costs and avoiding unplanned outages.  


On this partnership, Rajan Sodhi, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyperview, says: We’re at such an exciting and pivotal time for our company as we look to grow and expand our business. We’re delighted to be at the stage where we can invest in Public Relations to support our ambitious growth objectives, and working with Champion, we’re looking forward to communicating our business values to our customers, prospects, and the wider market.”   


The account team, led by Gabrielle Dunbar, Partner at Champion Communications, will be focused on generating third-party endorsement to generate awareness, trust and validation of Hyperview amongst its desired audience of decision makers.  


On this Gabrielle comments: “We’ve been following Hyperview along their journey for several years, and we’re so excited to be now working with them to achieve their growth objectives. Through generating third-party endorsement for Hyperview, our strategy will look to leverage editorial opportunities, and capitalise on trending news topics, to build credibility of Hyperview amongst its desired prospects”.  


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